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Beltie Youth Group (BYG) - Region 5
Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin and Tennessee 

The Beltie Youth Group (BYG) is a national youth association sponsored by the Belted Galloway Society. Financial support comes from the Belted Galloway Foundation, private donations and local and regional support. Area Five (5) BYG participates and partners heavily with the GLBGA shows and activities.

The goal of the BYG is to solicit, educate, mentor and develop youth interest in the belted galloway cattle. This is accomplished by a separate youth newsletter, special educational training sessions, youth cattle shows, showmanship camps/shows, and a variety of special activities developed strictly for the youth. This is a “fun” group and one that although has a serious side as well, wants to coach and mentor the youth to become interested in belted galloway cattle.

Membership is open to all youth up to age 21 years. Additional information can be obtained by contacting one of the coordinators.


Julie Willis

Cell- 815-222-5470


Liz Dausman

Cell- 574-304-7051


The National Belted Galloway Society and the National Belted Galloway Junior Association created a handbook for all Junior Members to utilize when raising their projects, selecting their projects and more. View the handbook by clicking the button below. 

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