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As a Great Lakes Belted Galloway Association Member and a producer of Belted Galloway beef, we extend to you pre-made “Proudly Raised Belted Galloway Beef” labels to use as marketing efforts when promoting your Beltie beef.This is a member only benefit. We offer marketing images and stickers you can use on your labeling, website, social media, and sales brochures. The logos and branding contained here are for use on your Purebred or Crossbred Belted Galloway cattle.

We know that the Belted Galloway offer tender and delicious beef. We also know that our beef is produced in small lots by local farmers on small farms that sell directly to their community. This personal approach to producing beef means that your buyers are aware of who produced their beef and where it comes from.

We think they should know that their beef has been selected over centuries for hardiness, tenderness and high quality beef production on various forages. You are proud of the product you produce and so are we!

Use of the collateral has two requirements:

  1. You must be a current member of the Great Lakes Belted Galloway Association

  2. The beef that you label as “Proudly Raised Belted Galloway Beef” must be 50% Belted Galloway from Registered stock.

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