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why should you join glbga?

The Great Lakes Belted Galloway Association strives to provide services,  events and educational topics to support and help its members: 


  1. Be on the forefront of new marketing trends with our quality newsletter and Beltie Briefs. The most important part of progressing as a cattleman is to stay on top of new trends within the market, the  breed and your customers. GLBGA’s newsletter delivers timely and relevant information to help you progress in your operations. 

  2. Participate in association educational events and annual field day. Events hosted by the association are great ways to network with other Belted Galloway enthusiasts and attend educational sessions to stay informed about your operation.

  3. Attend training camps for families interested in raising, marketing, and showing. Farming is a family affair! GLBGA offers education for the whole family from basic animal care to how to sell your cattle to how to prep your calves for the show ring. 

  4. Support our juniors with educational programs and training to prepare for a livestock career. Whether your junior’s end goal is to forever be involved in agriculture or not, educating our youth on the benefits of beef consumption and production will make positive waves for the future of our industry. We train our youth to be advocates for beef production and the Beltie breed! 

  5. Participate in and attend multiple Midwestern cattle shows. Looking for somewhere to show your cattle? GLBGA hosts multiple cattle shows throughout the year for you to take your kids and cattle too.

  6. Gain knowledge on topics to become more profitable and successful with Belted cattle. From production types to breeding tips, GLBGA provides resources to help you be successful on and off of the farm. Do you raise commerical cattle? GLBGA also has educational resources to help you merchandise your product.

  7. Utilize promotional handouts and displays provided by the GLBGA. Marketing materials about Beltie cattle are always available for our members to continue to promote Belties across the countryside. You can also join the “Proudly Raised Belted Galloway Beef” program where stickers are available for you to use on your marketing materials and freezer beef  packaging. 

  8. Be part of the most active regional Beltie group in the United States. Come join a Belted Galloway Group that has so much to offer!

  9. Utilize networking opportunities with other breeders and owners. Creating fellowship with other breeders is an important piece to progressing your herd and marketing your cattle to other breeders with the same interests as you. By joining GLBGA, you are a part of a unique network  of breeding lines and genetics for purchase. 

  10. Advertise your outstanding genetics on the GLBGA website, in flyers and the newsletter. GLBGA provides spaces for you to market your cattle to consumers and other breeders. 

Check out who is a current member of the GLBGA! Click the button below to view our current membership listing! 

Interested in advertising with GLBGA? Fill out the form by click the button below. 

Order your GLBGA clothing here by May 8th, 2022! 

how to apply

  1. Download the PDF application by clicking the button below or apply online using a major credit or debit card.

  2. Fill out the form and (if applicable) mail completed form / total payment to:Terry Etheridge 4746 Burnell Dr. Eau Claire, WI 54703

* Make checks payable to: Great Lakes Belted Galloway Association

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