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Our History
Originally formed to show Belted Galloways at the first annual World Beef Expo, the Great Lakes Belted Galloway Association, Inc. has vastly expanded its goals and activities since it's first meeting in 1992.

Our Mission
GLBGA's mission is to help promote and educate people on all the advantages of this very special heritage, heirloom breed of Belted Galloway cattle. The GLBGA promotes the value of the Belted Galloway cattle through a variety of venues, including education, marketing, networking, exhibits and cattle shows. Throughout our changes and growth, the mission succinctly phrased by our founders has remained our cornerstone: "A cattleman's breed association dedicated to its members and to the promotion of Belted Galloway cattle." Whether you are new to the Belted Galloway breed or a seasoned breeder, GLBGA wants to give you access to the information and resources you need to answer your questions and to be successful. 

Our Members
Members of GLBGA are part of a really great group of people with a common interest: producing, raising, and promoting this special breed... Belted Galloway cattle. We continue to thank our members for their faith in this Association and for their continuing support. You are the greatest group of people!

Our Directors
Our Board of Directors are elected by the membership base at our annual meetings and are comprised of a nine member Board chosen for a three year term. Directors are selected based upon geographic diversity within our midwestern states and those active members who help add value during their term. 


View or print a copy of the GLBGA by-laws by clicking here

The GLBGA provides a quarterly newsletter to its members and potential members. These newsletters contain a variety of articles regarding previous and upcoming shows and exhibits, animal husbandry, veterinary topics, organizational events and numerous other topics that we hope will benefit the novice or experienced cattle breeder. The newsletter is provided free to all members.

The association also hosts an annual Field Day event. Typically, these full one-day events are held throughout the Midwestern states with our association hosting past events in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri.

The event is filled with a variety of speakers and seminars on such topics as veterinary medicine, the grass-fed beef industry, proper minerals and nutrients, hoof trimming, ultra-sound techniques, beginning showmanship, farm equipment demonstrations and many others. Individual sessions usually last 45-60 minutes with audience participation. In the recent past, we also held a one-day cattle sale at one of our Field Days. Not only are these Field Day events fact-filled and quality educational opportunities, it is also a time to visit and to network with other breeders.

Education opportunities also exist for us through the development of marketing materials that we distribute to the public and potential future animal owners and breeders. These materials are mailed to any one that inquires. They can also be obtained at any exhibit or event where our association has a booth.


The GLBGA has a Public Relations Director whose volunteer role is to act as a liaison and contact between our organization and any member or potential new animal owner or breeder. This individual is a Belted Galloway breeder and has years of experience with this breed and can provide solutions to almost any question or concern that may arise. Our PR Director maintains our supply of promotional materials along with a traveling education/marketing booth that we set up at the events, exhibits and shows that we attend.The GLBGA has developed marketing materials and brochures that are available free to those that inquire. These brochures discuss the benefits of the GLBGA, the unique qualities of the Belted Galloway cattle and contacts within our organization.Members may use the association booth free of charge at one of their own local events by contacting the PR Director.The GLBGA also does some limited marketing by advertising in specialty periodicals and printed media. We maintain our own website with links to others. Requests for our marketing originate across the entire country.


Exhibits are a wonderful way to promote our breed and educate the public. Our association participates in several exhibits annually. In the past, we have exhibited in the Michigan Beef Expo, Illinois Beef, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days and the Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin State Fairs. These exhibits are usually staffed by GLBGA volunteers that use the association booth and distribute marketing materials and membership contacts. Exhibits are also held throughout the Midwest as our members participate in local fairs and events.


Terry Willis
Sunnybrook Farm
(Term expires 2024)
2201 Stone Quarry Rd.
Belvidere, IL 61008 
Phone: (815) 547-6912

Vice President

Dozier Hendershot II

(Term expires 2024)

231 US Hwy 224

Sullivan, OH 44880

Phone: (330) 648-2110

Director & Treasurer
Terry Etheridge
TEK Cattle
(Term expires 2025
4746 Burnell Drive
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Phone: (715) 214-5773

Secretary / Editor

Karlyn Etheridge

TEK Cattle

4746 Burnell Drive

Eau Claire, WI 54703

Phone: (715) 215-1407

John Hamm
Wisconsin River Farm
(Term expires 2023)
N5340 Hwy. HH
Mauston, WI 53948

Nathan Eckelman
Eckelman Farm
(Term expires 2025
9037N 375E
Seymour, IN 47274
Phone: (815) 216-2900

Scott Lohmann
(Term expires 2023)
Hiland Oaks
11376 Stoney Hollow Road
Sperry, IA 52650
Phone: (319) 985-2383

James Wilkerson
(Term expires 2025)
24594 L Ave
Adel, IA 50003
Phone: (515) 202-5568

Jay Dausman
Countyline Belties
(Term expires 2024)
113N 1000E
Pierceton, IN 46562
Phone: (574) 594-5722

Director / Public Relations
Ellen Sims 
(Term expires 2023)
HC Sims Farms
525 Sparrow Lane 
Harrodsburg, KY 40330 

Director at Large + Editor

Chris Utegg

2018 N 21st Rd

Grand Ridge, IL  61325

Phone: (815) 343-1071

Director at Large

Terri McGuire

6400 E Devonald

Terre Haute, IN  47805

Phone: (812) 242-0087

Jayde Reilly
Midwest Herdsman

About glbga

One of the focuses of the GLGBA has been to promote showing our cattle and providing Belted Galloway cattle shows where members can show their bulls, heifers, cow/calf pairs and even steers. We encourage new members and owners to come to these events, which are judged by independent cattle judges. Most belted galloway owners have smaller herds, so usually bring one or two animals to exhibit and show. These are all family oriented shows.

Youth are extremely important to the future of this breed and industry. Our shows also include a forum for the junior or youth to show their cattle and their own showmanship skills and compete with others of their same age class. This gets them interested in showing their animals and hopefully keeps them interested in the future.

The World Beef Expo event, held usually in September or October in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been since 1993 a primary show for our association. This is a multiple day event which hosts a separate Belted Galloway show. It was at this show that the international show was held several years ago with breeders from across the globe coming to the Midwest.

For several years now, the GLBGA, in conjunction with the regional Beltie Youth Group, has hosted a one-day Blow & Go Show held annually in Pecatonica, Illinois. This is a fun event and attracts those exhibitors that want the ease of a one-day show. Formal animal grooming or fitting is not allowed at this show. This event is traditionally held in early July.

We have also held other Belted Galloway shows in the Midwest. In the past, we have done some of these in conjunction with our annual Field Day event. In 2008, our association held the Belties Unlimited one-day show in Iowa City, Iowa and have also had one-day shows in Indiana and Wisconsin.

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