Great Lakes Belted Galloway Association, Inc.
Great Lakes Belted Galloway Association, Inc.

Belted Galloways... A steak in your future!
Belted Galloway Cattle
 Why Belted Galloways?
  • Produces tasty, lean, and well marbled meat
  • Adaptable to grain or grass fed programs
  • Longevity, excellent mothers
  • Superior foragers
  • Energy-efficient-easy keepers
  • Medium frame cattle
  • Naturally Polled

GLBGA Upcoming Events
World Beef Expo


The latest information from the 2017 World Beef Expo entry office indicates that we only need 12 more entries to make it to our goal of 60 head. If we meet this goal it would make this a Class B show for the first time ever! And we need 8 more appendix females to get them into the Supreme Drive for the first time!

If you have an appendix animal and have considered entering, why not enter your animal and help GLBGA make history at the 2017 25th Anniversary World Beef Expo? If we get these entries we need to make this a Class B Show, extra points would be awarded due to the higher than usual number of entries! Hopefully, we can reach our goals to have our first ever Class B show and also have appendix Belted Galloway Cattle in the Supreme Drive for the first time to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the GLBGA and World Beef Expo!

Visit for entry information specific to the Belted Galloway Show which is at 3:00 PM CST Friday September 22, and visit for information on attending the Society's Annual Meeting and Banquet which will be Wednesday September 23 at 6:00 PM CST followed immediately by the GLBGA Annual Meeting and Area 5 Junior Association fundraiser auction.

While making plans to attend, don't forget the Midwest National Belted Galloway Sale, at 2:00 PM CST Saturday September 23, offering live lots consigned from Maine to Mississippi and available here in the Midwest for the first time.

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