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Classifieds will be posted when available... Please check back soon!

How to post your ad:

If you are a member:

Please submit your classified ad via email attachment to the following email address:

After your submittal has been reviewed and authorized, it will be published here on this page for 30 days.

Note: If you sell an item before the 30 day limit, please email us immediately at:

Classifieds file types, photo size, and word count:

Email text file attachment types that are acceptable are:
Word DOC, DOCX, & TXT files.
Text may also just be typed into your email message.

Attached photos (5 maximum) should be no wider than 670 pixels. If they are, they will be resized by our webmaster to 670 pixels wide before being posted here.

Try to limit your ad to 40 words or less.

Please, no PDF files, unless you are certain that the text can be read properly at 670 pixels wide.

If you are NOT a member:

Non members can not post their classified ads.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please see our "Membership" page.

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